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“I have published two books with Omni Publishing Co. and now I am working on a third. I have been very pleased with the skill and professionalism exhibited by all at Omni Publishing Co. and look forward to having Omni publish my third book."
Necessary Assets

784 Broadway
James A. Ring, Retired F.B.I. Agent

“Did I thank you (Theresa) and Henry for how much you have helped me? If not, please do that for me. I am grateful to both of you – without your help it would have never gotten done. It has been a long journey for me and I am so grateful that maybe I can share it with others. Thank you sincerely.
From the Other Side of My Heart: A Collection of Poems and Writings
Linda Strasburg, Retired Teacher

 “I want to thank the professionals at Omni Publishing Co. for their superb work in publishing my first book, No Justice. Not being an experienced author, I relied on their help and together we have published an important book.”
No Justice

License to Steal
Simon C. Fireman, Businessman, Philanthropist

“I can’t thank the people at Omni enough for their work in publishing my first non-fiction book The Cops Are Robbers. Not only did they publish the book but convinced 60 Minutes to do a segment on the book and participated in the sale of the movie rights to HBO. A job well done.”

The Cops are Robbers
Kevin Stevens, Writer, Screen Writer

“Publishing a book is a lot like my first trip into space, the experience is exhilarating on many levels. Thanks to the people at Omni Publishing Co. the book did not crash but had a successful landing.”
My Life in Space
Wally Schirra, Astronaut, One of the Original Six

“I really enjoyed working with the people at Omni Publishing who contributed greatly to the success of Rebound. They make a great team.”

KC Jones, Coach Boston Celtics, 1985-86

“There are many courageous firemen but not that many courageous publishers. Thank you Henry for publishing my book,
Thirty Years on the Line
Leo C. Stapleton, Former Fire Commissioner, Boston Fire Dept.

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