Now is the time to tell your story! It is your story and it should be told.

Publishing a book is the best way to preserve the memories of the early days and to memorialize the events and people that have influenced your life. Omni Publishing Co. has the expertise to publish your story. The book honors you and  your life and is a living testimonial to a life well lived.

Whether you write a memoir (about a certain incident in your life) or an autobiography, you are providing an incomparable legacy for your family and friends.

I believe we all have a duty to leave our children and their descendants a narrative that will help them along their own paths.

Writing a book can be therapeutic, reconciling and inspirational for the author as well as informative and inspirational for the reader. No one knows your life better than you - and you being the ultimate source.

There nothing quite like holding that first edition of your story. I have seen authors cry with happiness, jump up and down with joy and just sit down with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Now is the time to act. Start today and the end product will help you to leave your mark and to reconcile the past.

Henry M. Quinlan, Publisher

Remember it is your story.

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