Our Publishing Package includes the following:


  • Introductory consultation about content, title and market.
  • Copy editing of your manuscript
  • Design and formatting for printing
  • Book cover design
  • Register book for ISBN number
  • Obtain copyright in name of author
  • Book title listed for sale on Amazon.com and Omni Publishing Co.


  • Writing services
  • E-book conversion
  • Press Release distribution
  • Organizing book publishing party
  • Book promotion

Final Product:

  • Paperback book or hard cover
  • Full-color cover
  • Up to 200 pages
  • Up to 12 black/white photographs inside book
  • Color photos available at extra cost


  • ​Author keeps 85% of revenue minus sales expenses
  • Author can purchase books at cost of production
  • ​Listed on Omni Publishing website, Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites


  • There are many variables that impact the cost of publishing book. The variables are: the length of the book, the size of the book, the number of photos, the cost of design for the book, the type of cover, (softcover or hardcover) and the type and amount of editing required.
  • For a base price with some allowance for variables in the publishing of a 200 pages, 6x9 size book with a soft cover, all governmental registering, moderate design costs and 8 pages of photos, the price would be approximately $5,000.00
  • Remember – 85% of all sales go the author.

How it works

Basic Pricing