Have you ever thought about publishing your own book? Omni Publishing Co., based in Wareham, Massachusetts, specializes in helping people tell and publish their own stories.

Our experts will walk you through the publishing process - from beginning to end. Our services include copy editing, design, layout and paperback production. We even have skilled writers to help you write your book, and graphic artists to design your book cover. Finally, we help you sell your book through distribution channels on Amazon.com and Omni Publishing Co. 

What's more, you'll discover that you can publish your own book much more affordably than you probably think. Under the Omni contract the author keeps 85% of the sales price less any selling expenses that have been agreed to. Most of our authors get their family and friends to purchase enough books to at least cover the cost of publishing. 

Being an author introduces you into a very exclusive club of published writers.


It's your story.

We help you share it.