People who have heard Henry Quinlan talk

on retirement issues and "telling your story" say:

"That is EASY! Henry, you were awesome! Your info truly inspired me that is IS possible to get in print - despite the closed doors of the publishing industry! It was beyond informational - it was inspirational! Way to Go!"
-Joe Kish, New Hampshire

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation tonight. You were so very encouraging to those of us just starting out. It was particularly appealing how you just assumed we all had something worthwhile to contribute. It was very motivating! Your talk took away those many doubts I think we all have. And no problem was insurmountable! Your approach to writing was really encouraging and I would appreciate having your notes to guide me."
-Catherine Boccabella, New Jersey

"I attended your presentation on May 24th and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I haven't decided how I'm going to move forward or even what I'm going to write about yet. I figured I'll start by writing observations I have about the world and go from there. Your presentation gave me a new outlook on how to get started and for that, I thank you. I really enjoyed hearing your advice and anecdotes on the process and how to make it work for everyone."
-Peggy Castillo, New Jersey

"I was at your presentation and want to thank you for giving the information using your expertise and knowledge! A friend knows of my dabbling with writing non-fiction and passed me the brochure. It was worth attending for your positive and encouraging words. It was valuable. Thank you sharing from your business and life experience."
-Evelyn Doll, New Jersey

"I enjoyed your 'Everyone has a story' presentation Wednesday night at the library in Summit, New Jersey. Thank you!"
-Margaret Dukes 

"Am grateful for the lessons learned and for the inspiration that you imbibed in all of us during the workshop. Am sure it will help all of us to tell our stories—in a more beautiful way. Hope you had a pleasant stay in Summit and wishing you safe travels."

"I was at your autobiography class yesterday. I found it very enlightening. I have made a few stabs at writing my autobiography, with  different periods of my life already on paper. I realize now that I really need to start at day one!! I'm almost 85 years old, from England, not very educated, but I do have a daughter who teaches English literature at Salem State. She is a professor and she herself would love to get a book published, but she never seems to have the time to get one written.

My daughter has four children, who all seem to enjoy writing. Someday we hope that someone in this gifted family will get a book published . So not only have you enlightened me, but also a whole family of writers, as I will pass on your information to them. Thank you again, Henry, for an enjoyable class.
-Kathleen Batten 

"Your talk was informative, well organized and full of action steps. Thank you."
-Paul Willenbrock, Beverly, MA

"We were informed and enjoyed by your talk today. Alice has numerous anecdotes we want to pass on to our kids and grands. You’ve helped us to a good start. We will use your resources and your PowerPoint to keep us on the path to finishing."
-Alice and Andy Gabriel

"I enjoyed your presentation at the Rose Baker Senior Center today. There was so much very important information. I am writing a book on my family. My mother came to America from Sicily at four months old, the oldest of eleven children. I found your information invaluable in my attempt to writing my book. Thank you very much for sharing all this valuable information."
-Virginia Frontiero McKinnon

"Thank you for your generous presentation on current ways to ease into a meaningful project and your taking the time to come to Rockport COA! I am glad there was an interesting turn-out. I’ve gotten out my diaries of my years working at The New Yorker (secretary to the editor of Talk of the Town) and am amazed at the timing of setting up a purposeful project just as limbs and energy are becoming less reliable! And I liked especially your advice of “How did I get out of the crisis” focus rather than lengthy “How did I get into it.” And about the power of anecdotes. Now to devise a schedule and focus on keeping it simple."
-Andrena Huntsman

"I really enjoyed your presentation today in Rockport. You have a very comfortable way about you."
-Courtney Rapp, Rockport, MA

"I attended your presentation this morning in Rockport and found it (and) you incredibly informative, thorough and concise.  I've attended many types of presentations over the years (as have we all) and don't think I've ever received so many practical strategies, stimulating tips and incredible resources within a one hour time span!"
-Christine Callahan

"Your presentation on Autobiography and Memoir writing at the Holmes Library in Halifax today was extremely rewarding. I’m sure all of those present found your advice as invaluable I did. You are most generous to share your expertise in this field with those of us who are feeling our way in this medium."
-Faye George, Bridgewater, MA

"Thank you for your nice presentation on Writing a Memoir. Lots of good tips and very inspiring."
-Gail Garvin, Dorchester, MA

"I was completely "lit up" after your presentation yesterday. Happily, I walked away with so many nuggets and suggestions. Better still, I have been steered away from agonizing over the publishing house process to going the route of self-publishing. What impressed me most yesterday was your ability to synthesize the process of getting one's words into print and on to Amazon in a mere 50 minutes – and to do so with fun and memorable stories!!

I began immediately to work on the paragraph you asked me to send you re: the stories of parents of my students with Down syndrome. Thank you for your encouragement on this project and for thinking that it might be helped along by Crowdfunding or Kickstarter or even Indiegogo. I will get that to you soon. Again, so appreciative that you added the flame necessary to finish this work."
-Anne Tucker Roberts

"Today you were the first speaker here who received applause in a long, long time. Good job."
-Robin Middleton, Director, Senior Center, Hanover, MA

​"Your presentation this morning at the Jenks Center in Winchester was interesting and instructive. I am in the process of writing a book and might have some questions in the future. For now, I will appreciate it very much if you send me a copy of your powerpoint. Thank you very much!"
- Mohammad Raqib

"Hard to believe it's a month ago (Tuesday 3/28) that I attended your presentation: "Guides for Writing your Autobiography / Memoir" at the Kennedy Center in Squantum. Thank you for taking the time and making the trip to share your advice, wisdom and experience garnered over your 30+ years in the publishing field. You showed us how the process of self-publication need not be daunting, but rather, is manageable with the resources available online."
-Joe O'Brien, Quincy, MA

“Henry’s presentation has inspired me to start to write my family’s history.”
-Ginny Morgan Pocasset, MA

“The residents truly enjoyed Henry’s presentation–the stories and slides. Everyone understood clearly the steps he was laying out to tell your story. Great presentation, rave reviews from the residents.”
-Dana Mier, Program Coordinator, Stafford Hill

 “I have heard Henry talk about these issues formally and informally and each time I get something new to think about.”
-Mary Jordan, Merrimack, NH
“After listening to Henry, my wife Brenda and I are looking more closely at our emotional pensions and I think we will start on a family history. He has given us some very good ideas.”
-David and Brenda Troy, Wellesley, MA

“We did not know anything about an emotional pension but now we do and we are paying attention; it just makes sense.”
-Tom and Maureen Rickenbacker, Andover, MA

"I have seen Henry give this presentation. It was a great help to me. Now I also understand why some of my friends struggle in retirement. Maybe I can help them." 
Bob Boisvert, Nashua, NH

“I like the idea of doing a memoir after listening to Henry. I had one particular period in my life worthy of a memoir.”
Gerard Parker, San Rafael, CA

“I was in the audience for Henry’s talk on his experiences in Russia. It was the best I have heard in a long time–informative, funny and delivered with authenticity. If you have a chance to hear it do not miss it.”
David Heath, Nashua, NH