Your Business Story.

Now is the time to tell your story!

It is your story and it should be told. Today many people look at your company and see a successful enterprise – but they did not see those early years when the first, often tentative, steps were taken – resulting in the company you see today. Your story begins with an idea and those initial steps where you fought back fears and doubts to continue. The early years, in many ways, are the best years, for those are the ones in which the growth of your company often rely solely on your own spirit and ingenuity.

Publishing a book is the best way to preserve the memories of the early days and to memorialize the growth to what your company is today. Omni Publishing Co. has the expertise to publish your story. Whether you write the story or one of our authors writes it, the finished product will be a lasting commemoration of your achievements.

The book honors you and the employees that make the company the success it is today.

There is nothing quite like holding that first edition of your story. I have seen authors cry with happiness, jump up and down with joy, and just sit down with a deep sense of satisfaction.

I also have witnessed authors’ hosting book publishing parties where they share the excitement with family, friends and colleagues at such diverse places as Trump’s Mar Largo in Palm Beach, The Kennedy Library, The Boston Public Library, and even their home. No matter the location, the communal enjoyment is the same.

Now is the time to act. If you want to tell your story send me an email with the best times to call you and I will explain the process and costs involved.

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Henry M. Quinlan, Publisher